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Talent is our Capital

Who we are

Bowen Capital Group is a private investment firm focused on controlling interest investments in under positioned hard asset companies with high growth potential across a diverse array of industries.  Our goal is to deliver effective long term performance by partnering with management teams and driving operational excellence and expansion. With effective leadership and management strategies, we leverage our in-house sector expertise, innovation combined with capital solutions to ensure successful transactions.


Headquartered in New York, we are focused on building a concentrated portfolio of scalable investments within niche markets.  



Investment Strategy

Bowen Capital remains well positioned to deliver superior vision, performance and expertise. Building on our strength in business and diversity, we continue to adapt our portfolio to market changing conditions with specialist expertise and flexible capital solutions that transform opportunities to reality. We consolidate fragmented markets where under positioned businesses are unable to scale.


At Bowen Capital, we think beyond due diligence and seek to provide a positive impact that delivers exponential growth.  


We are particularly focused on the: Aerospace & Defense, Real Estate & Assets and Digital Technology & Solutions. 



We are not investing in seed rounds, early stage or business start-ups at this time. 

Interesting Structure


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Real Estate & Assets

Creating a positive impact through controlling interest investment in real estate and fixed asset acquisition, repositioning and management of renewable energy, industrial, multifamily, agriculture and mixed-use assets.

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Digital Solutions

Our core interests are with companies that have achieved significant MRR with developed technology and applications for the supply chain and logistics industries. 

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Aerospace & Defence

We are focused on consolidating small to mid size aviation businesses and aerospace engineering sectors. In particular our interests are on air cargo companies with established contracts. 


Bowen Capital Group is a team of dynamic individuals who leverage deep vertical international experience and expertise for research, due diligence and governance.


Our team provides complete expert management and long term strategy and we actively manage high-conviction portfolios for consistent risk-adjusted outperformance through objective observation and systematic analysis.

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